Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Going Bananas

I'm going to confess something to you this morning, OK?

I love bread.

Like, I really love bread.

It's definitely more of a weakness for me than candy or ice cream.  I think it might be an even bigger weakness for me than chocolate.

But I'm not really talking about your average bread.  I'm talking about homemade bread.  Warm, straight from the oven.

And I'm also referring to homemade bread's cousins - rolls, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, quick breads and donuts.

And of course, homemade bread's extended family members - cakes, cookies, and brownies.

Maybe I should just say my weakness is for baked goods.  That might be more accurate.  And dangerous for the waistline.

Anyway, today let's focus in on the quick bread branch of the Bread Family Tree.

I have an awesome recipe for plain old banana bread.  It's really good.  It's easy.  And it turns out perfect every time.

Yet I'm always on the hunt for other banana bread recipes.  I mean, most things can be improved, right? But it always seems like we're disappointed and most other banana breads just aren't as good as the original.

I still can't seem to help myself from searching, though.

It's frustrating for my family members.

They are perfectly content to go through life, eating our same banana bread recipe, never wondering while they're eating it if there just might be an even better banana bread out there.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that this family controversy was recently shared by my oldest, Ryley.

The Facebook conversation went a little something like this:

So you can see that Ryley was being a banana bread snob and wasn't really excited about me making chocolate banana bread.  

But she changed her tune after sampling some.

Then the scene at my house started to get a little ugly, as you can see from yesterday's Facebook conversation: 

I can't remember the last time I made plain old banana bread and a fight ensued over the last piece. 

So while I will continue to make plain old banana bread, the chocolate banana bread has rightfully earned a spot in the permanent recipe rotation.

For those of you wanting a recipe that might actually bring your children to blows, here it is:

Break out the boxing gloves and enjoy!


  1. That sounds so good! And one of my favorite things in life is warm bread - soft on the inside and crusty on the outside - with butter. I'll take it over dessert anyday.

  2. I was hoping you would post it. Ryley must have a good bit of dad in her - never LET the little ones win. Now if I can just get my husband to finally hook up our printer so I can print out the recipe....

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