Thursday, January 22, 2015

A "Lily's Favorites" Party

Did you see the recent sweet story about the boy with autism who loves vacuum cleaners? Click here if you missed it.

For his 14th birthday, his mom sent a note to the Kirby Company and asked if someone could come do a home demonstration for the party. Not only did the company send a wonderful salesman to the house, they also gifted him with his very own Kirby vacuum. 

This got me to thinking about Lily. 

If I was going to write a letter to Lily's current favorite business, it would be Subway. 

But I wouldn't be writing about their food or their customer service or any of those things that you might think. 

No, I would be writing about their logo. 

There is just something about that logo that appeals to the Bird. 

But I would especially be writing about their Open sign. Lily loves their Open sign. 

And it is this exact particular Open sign that she loves. Some Subways have a slightly different variation of the Open sign. Those are a no-go. 

Ryan and I mistakenly thought she might just like any Open sign and so for Christmas, we bought her one at Costco. It did not have the same appeal at all and we promptly returned it after the holidays. 

In fact, the best gift of Christmas was a sweet pillow handmade by Lily's caregiver, Miss Paulette. 

Are you ready for this?

The good side - 

The even better side - 

What can I say? The lady knows what the kid likes. That pillow sits right on my couch alongside my other throw pillows unless Lily is carrying it around the house. 

So if I planned a party for Lily like the mom from the vacuum cleaner story, the invitations would read a little something like this -

Lily Rush is turning 9!
To celebrate, we are having a "Lily's Favorites Party"
We'll meet at Kingsland Baptist Church in the sanctuary where we will lay on the stage and look at the stained glass, wander around the balcony, and sit in various chairs while listening to the iPad.
We will then move to the playroom where we will play with the real big wooden blocks. 
Next stop - the gym for general running around and sitting on the bleachers.
Last stop - Dad's office where we will chill out and drink little water bottles from the mini-fridge.
Back to the sanctuary where the Backyardigans will entertain us, along with musical selections from Jack Johnson, Don Henley, Eaton Corbin, Andy Grammer, and Jay Sean.
Then we will head to Subway. 
Once there, we'll sit where we have a view of the Open sign. By the light of the sign, we'll munch on ham, Sun Chips, and a cookie, washed down with a refreshing apple juice box.
We'll end the party with a swim.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like my kinda party. 

Especially if it ends with an Open sign hanging in Lily's playroom. 

Maybe I really should write a letter to Subway....


  1. I vote for you writing the letter (or talking to the local Subway store manager and begging him to let you buy a sign from them - or giving you the number to speak to a higher up who could approve it). And I love the pillow. Miss Paulette is one gifted lady (with both skills and insight).

    1. I'm writing a letter this week - and including the blog post, per Ron Howell's instructions! :) Who knows? Maybe there'll be a blog post about Lily's open sign in the future.


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