Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Redneck Summer

It's summertime.

And summer in Austin, Texas is HOT.

Finding ways to stay cool is not just a fun pastime, but rather a matter of survival.

So I've done something I thought I would never do.  While my redneck-ness hasn't ever been a real big secret, it's never been quite as obvious as it is at this very moment.

Want proof?  Here is my backyard:

Yes, against all my husband's protests and against all neighborhood restrictions, we have a 1000 gallon, 10 feet wide, blue kiddie pool complete with filter and debris cover right off our back porch.

And if that isn't enough, we have bonus water features:

We're not in Aspen anymore, y'all.

So why did I succumb to my inner redneck and buy this tacky pool?

Because of this:

And this:

Let the Homeowner's Association come tell that face she can't have her pool in the backyard.


  1. Willis must be uptown redneck -- you would have had to use a cow trough to slide down to Snook standards. haha!!
    Thrilled though not surprised that she loves it - she's probably wondering what took you so long HOA or not! Enjoy every single moment with her and if you sneak in for a splash or two yourself every now and then, your secret is safe with us! :)

  2. That's what I'm talking about!

  3. We have such a pool as well! Just haven't put it up yet! I think it is fine! You go, girl!

  4. Are the kids enjoying the slide? I saw it at Costco but it seemed expensive for a small plastic slide. I thought it would be worth it if the kids loved it, but I could not find any reviews online. Cute pics!

  5. We've got a smaller pool that I can secret away a little more easily -- it's a pain in the tail but TOTALLY worth the smiles :-)


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