Friday, March 15, 2013

Would You Rather.....

It's the last day of Spring Break.  

So let's do something...

But it's only going to be.... 

if you play along.

I'm going to ask a "would you rather" type question and you're going to answer in the comments section here or on Facebook.  

We'll all get to know each other a little bit better and have some...


So here we go!
prompt idea from here

If you've been around here for any length of time, I don't think you're going to be surprised by my answer - a library.  Tons of books at my fingertips, keeping my brain fed by reading for knowledge but also good fiction when my brain needs a break, comfy furniture, plus uninterrupted reading time, assuming that I'm alone in this scenario.  If I'm not alone, I'm fairly certain my answer would be different.

What about you?  Where would you rather spend the rest of your life?  Got another place in mind? Share it!  Let's chat.

Oh, and thanks for having a little....

with me today.


  1. In a cute, tiny, well organized cottage (Gingerbread trim outside, Victorian lace and florals inside) located near several movie theaters, a local library and a great church – with a Netflix subscription! Come to think of it, except for the cute and well-organized cottage (which is a big part of my “rather”), God has blessed me with all the other items!

  2. Not a surprise here either... definitely a library. So many options to entertain yourself, look up things you've never had the time to do before, enjoy classics you've forgotten about, biographies of interesting people, coffee (in our library), comfy chairs, computers ready to be used. Sounds better than looking at a bunch of smelly animals... lgm

  3. I don't think I could limit it to just a library (did I actually just type that?!?!?)
    BUT... in Mary's sweet, well-organized cottage, curled up in the library by a fire (yup, I just added that fireplace because this is my fun fantasy)in an oversized fluffy chair - I could totally live there!!

    Being the total extrovert that I am, I'd want to have some friends and family stop by from time to time too.

    Thanks for the FUN Friday! :)

  4. Library...hands down. You'd always have entertainment and you wouldn't have to feel lonely because you have all your favorite "people" in the books you love the most to keep you company. Plus, I love the smell of books. TMI? ;)

  5. Definitely a library, but only if there was a comfy couch where I could put my feet up!

  6. Wait, I need more I alone or with the family? Because alone definitely the library. Just think how lost I can get in my own little world. BUT if I have to bring the husband and children then definitely the Zoo so I do not have to enteratain anyone!

  7. Definitely the Library! Lots of books to read for fun and knowledge! There would have to be a comfy couch to curl up and read with a glass of iced tea, a table to work at doing some genealogy research, and of course a computer to help me. No! Now that is assuming I was alone. If I had my husband, it might be a tossup between the library and the museum...LOL!

  8. In a library you have all the books, including those about great works of art and other such things found in museums. Plus there is the music and movies to explore. I think I would start in with the children's chapter books.


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