Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Hospital Adventure

In typical Lily Bird fashion, a long weekend just wouldn't be complete without a little sprinkling of excitement.

Remember the infamous "swallowing of the plastic token" during the first week of school?

Well, sparing you lots of gory details that you'd rather not know, that little token started to cause some blockage of things not meant to be blocked.  And after a Saturday trip to the hospital, that little token is no longer blocking things not meant to be blocked.

I'm sure you can read between the lines here and get my drift.

The only good thing about this unexpected hospital adventure?  

The Bird was a trooper.  As in, the best I've ever seen her behave in a hospital.

She took some x-rays and to my complete surprise, she got in the positions the technician requested of her and stayed there, without Ryan or I having to hold her down.  It was amazing.

She was pooped out - well, not quite "pooped out".... not just yet, if you're still reading between the lines here.

Shortly after this picture, she woke up, took care of business, and we finally got to go home, where she literally ran to her bed and slept until noon on Sunday.

There was still fun to be had, though.

Labor Day found us hanging out at the splash pad...

...and having a little appetizer while waiting on some barbecue for lunch.

Today begins the second week of kindergarten.  

Where there will be no more swallowing of plastic tokens, she says with fingers crossed and prayers raised to heaven.

Have a great week - see you Friday! 


  1. Little Miss swallowed a glass "gem" over the summer -- so I totally know your pain here. Glad everything "came out all right!"

  2. Definitely no more swallowing of tokens. Fingers crossed that she doesn't come up with any new adventures this week :)

  3. Thanks for this update! The good "results" are a true blessing (yes, reading between the lines!). Another blessing was hearing Pastor Ryan's dad preach on Sunday!

  4. No more tokens. So sorry, but glad she released the prize. You guys are awesome.

  5. I'm glad Lily is feeling better! We missed you guys on Sunday, but it was a fun treat having Dean and Vickie with us. Praying for an uneventful week for all of you. :)

  6. Poor baby! I am so glad Miss Lily is feeling better and I'm praying for a smooth second week of Kindergarten for you all :)

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  8. Praise God, Lana! She is so precious and I love the pictures. What a wonderful smile. Thank you for the update and I hope this week is going better for the Bird and for your family!:)

  9. Amazing behaviour from your little Bird and so brave but looks like she had great support and cuddles too! Glad she's ok.

    xx Jazzy

  10. Aww sweet little Bird. I know you are glad that whole ordeal is over with!

  11. Oh my goodness! Poor sweet Lily! She looks tired and sweet in these photos. What an ordeal! I'm glad it's all over and she's back to herself! I will say a little prayer for her to stay away from the tokens too! xo


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