Friday, June 1, 2012

A Little Soul Work

I've been doing some thinking lately.   

And this little statement here pretty much sums up my thoughts:

I've been talking to some pretty wise people the past few weeks (and yes, Mom, you're one of them!) and I've come to a conclusion about myself.

I am being swallowed up by special needs.

And here is what I mean:

The top of my nightstand is covered with special needs books.
I research therapies, products, treatments, doctors.... anything to do with special needs.
I send a written report every single week to Lily's California doctor.
I take Lily to ABA 5 days a week, speech 3 days a week, and OT 2 days a week.
I administer medication 3 times a day, 7 days a week. 
I have a monthly parent training meeting at the ABA clinic.
I attend two monthly special needs support groups.
I am doing an online Bible study that is for autism moms.
I have several moms that depend on me for special needs support.
I take Lily for bloodwork every 6 to 8 weeks.
We just added an immunologist and an infectious disease doctor to our regular rotation.
We are beginning the public school process which means ARDS & IEPS are upon us.
80% of the people I follow on Twitter are special needs parents.
I read tons of special needs blogs.
And I try my best to blog about our own special needs life five days a week.

I could go on but I think you get the idea.

It's time for this mama to take a break.

To step outside and get some air.

To love on a very patient husband and talk about something other than the next appointment.

To spend some time with a teenager who's about to leave our little nest.

And to spend some time behind the wheel with another teen.

I told you in a previous post that Ryan is taking off the month of June.  

Well, so am I.

Beginning today, June 1, and for the whole month of June, this little blog will only have a post each Friday.  And those Friday posts will be called "The Week In Pictures" - hopefully filled with images of fun stuff the Rush Family did that week.

As for Twitter and Facebook, I'll be checking in off and on.  But more "off" than "on".

To my sweet online community, I will miss you dearly.  And I am already looking forward to catching up with you in July.

But for now, for this month, this is what "Lana's To-Do List" will look like:

Courtesy of Homegrown Hospitality

My family needs this.

I need this.

I am stepping outside and getting some air.

See you in July.


  1. Sounds like a great idea! We did the same thing for a week recently. It was much needed.

  2. Good for you, sweet Lana! I will look forward to seeing what you are up to on Fridays! xoxo

  3. yay! go Lana! that sounds like a very good idea.

  4. You go girl!!! Here's another "to do list" for ya...

    Love on your family and allow them to love on you too.
    Rest as much as you can.
    Read - just for fun.
    Take a bubble bath. (if you like that sorta thing)
    and... Breathe...
    Breathe in that wonderful fresh air. :)
    Breathe in the love and prayers that will be lifted for each of you.
    Breathe in all that is special about yourself and each family member - not "special needs", just special and wonderful.
    Love ya, lady!!

  5. You all deserve every minute of your month off. I am excited about it for you. Great idea and I agree with Darla...Breathe, recharge, re-energize, and have fun! Love you all. Look forward to the pics on Fridays!

  6. Congratulations Lana and the entire Rush family!These moments will only be here once, so make the most of every possible minute of the 24 hours in each day spent with each other! Thank you, Lana and Ryan, for sharing yourselves with everyone constantly! You mean so much to a whole community of folks, some who are friends waiting to be discovered. May God bless each of you and give you peace in your lives!

  7. Yay for you! Enjoy these precious moments with your family :)

  8. Good for you! Breaks are so very important! I've been feeling the same, maybe not for my blog but with our overwhelming amount of therapies and doctor visits and support groups bla bla bla... you know. Summer is the perfect time for a little break.

  9. Have a great break!!!

  10. Lana, I pray that you will find this time a great opportunity to refresh and reconnect. Looking forward to see the Rush's not rushing all the time!

  11. Rejoicing with you, praising God for those who have encouraged you to "step outside" - and praying for you, with love.

  12. I'm right with ya on this and feeling a little smothered by the special needs bubble I live in. Enjoy your time my friend. I'll be right here waiting for you =)


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