Monday, July 26, 2010

And That's Who I Am

My name is Lana.  I am a wife and a mom.  Here's a picture of my family:

Now, you may be looking at my gorgeous family and thinking, "Wow! They sure do look good in red!"  But more than likely, you're probably noticing a little.... ahem.... gap in my children.  Yes, we were four for quite a few years - 10 years to be exact.  And then.... well, let me just make some proper introductions.

Ryan is my handsome husband.  He's a pastor, a writer and a radio show host.  Busy man...

Ryley is my oldest daughter.  She's a junior in high school, a basketball player and an excellent new driver.

Reagan is my middle daughter.  She's a freshman in high school, a prima ballerina, and is quite "crafty".

Then, along came The Bird.  Actually, her name is not Bird.  It's Lily.  But for some reason, she has been called Lily Bird since birth, with several variations through the years:  The Bird, Bird, Birdie; you get the idea.  She came as a surprise, entered the world with a bang, and for the past three years, nothing has been the same.  She is most definitely the exclamation point at the end of our family!

Lily is almost 4 years old and pretty much rules the roost.  She has an extremely colorful medical history and more hospital ID bracelets than any kid I know.  Instead of a baby book documenting her first year, Lily has a large file box.  And we continue to add to her box even today.

While each person in my family has their own unique special need (mine being naps.... can I get an amen???), Lily is the only one with an actual diagnosis.  She is... get ready for some important medical lingo now.... somewhere on the autism spectrum.  She is speech delayed and does not speak proper words but she definitely communicates!  Mostly by grabbing our hands and pulling us towards what she wants, with the occasional sign language thrown in.

So there you have it.  My family.  Nice to meet you!

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